Sunday, October 22, 2006

Swapping Beaded Faces

Swaps are just the best thing ever! This is the beaded face pin I did for the Second Annual Beaded Face Pin Swap that Mamarox' hosted. We could make as many face pins as we wanted to swap, but this year I only got one finished in time. It's actually the first beaded embroidery project I've done. Most of the other beading I have been doing is beadweaving or stringing. Anyway - I had so much fun doing this pin, I'm already working on another one. Sewing on ultrasuede is the best! In exchange for my pin, I got this darling pin from Lora K. I just love it!

Next year, I'm going to start early on my pins and make a bunch of them. They sure are addictive!

PS - My friend Heather made the face cabachon for me. It's one of several she sent me to bead.


Liliana said...

Its beautiful! I love handmade stuff, especially one-of-kind stuff. Very nice!

Lora said...

OH COOL! I didn't know you got one of my faces! :)

The Lone Beader said...

Your pin is spectacular!!!