Thursday, October 05, 2006

...So Is It Tomorrow Already?

'cuz it seems to me I promised something about tickets...

Oh yeah - I got tickets! To "So You Think You Can Dance!" I never thought I would though - I kept checking Ticketmaster and the scalper sites, but Ticketmaster never had any, and I wasn't about to pay any scalper three times the ticket face value. But, I remember what Rebecca said about them sometimes having tickets available the day of the show. The day of the show I checked Ticketmaster again, and lo and behold they actually had some! Well, since I was working just around the corner from the theatre, my friend and I ran right down there on our lunch break. Sure enough - they had tickets! Not only that, but they were three - yes three rows back on the left side inside aisle.

The seats were great; the show absolutely wonderful. We were about thirty feet from the speakers, and we could see the sweat fly on that stage. The thing I loved was Seattle was the first city on the tour, so the dancers were all fresh, the show lively and new. I suspect that by the time they get to the tour's end, they will have cut some of the dances and polished things up a bit...but to get to see the dancers when they were fresh off the TV show was the best ever!

There are some amazing talents in that group, and I hope that we see more of each one of the dancers in the future as they each pursue their dreams... They have a lot to offer the world of dance.

Oh and PS - Benji and Travis? Twice as cute in person! All those screaming teens at the show sure thought so too!


Heather said...

yay Tranji!!

Lily said...

Wow, sweat flying huh? I never get close enough to feel sweat beads on my forehead, dammit.