Monday, May 29, 2006


These lilies were over five feet tall!
Today was a quiet Memorial Day, spent with my mum and keeping my dad close in little ways throughout the day...laughing over the joke he would have loved ...realizing that he would have loved the fish and chips at Ivar's ...shaking our heads at how he put together the papers my mum would need when he passed away, but forgot to show to her ...laughing at finally finding the strongbox keys he so carefully hid and then failed to tell mum where they were ....seeing the folded flag behind his urn and remembering he was a Korean War vet ...sniffing the beautiful irises in mum's garden and remembering how much he loved to watch the buds until they bloomed. Mum called him her "Iris Voyeur." Every day he would go out first thing in the morning to check the buds and then report to her about every one that had bloomed. Sometimes she'd even catch him out in the garden with a flashlight in the evening, checking he buds!

Each little thing remembered today - so like my dad, and so helpful at bringing him closer. It is those little things that make up remembrances of those we love. I pray you found many little ways to remember the veterans who have blessed your lives.


Tink said...

What a sweet post. People don't die, as long as you remember never to forget them.

audrey said...

How sweet Sas. I know you miss your Dad and the pain is still fresh, but he will always live in your heart.