Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Little Bit o' Jaz

The other day I was all about showing off my silkscreened shirt and sharing what fun I had creating it. But SOMEbody had to peek in and see if anyone was still out there!

As she made her way to Seattle, this little one first showed up over on Joleen's blog when she landed there with her friends Ginger and Ava, all the way from Hong Kong. Then she made an appearance on Heather's blog. She is a Takara Prima Dolly Ashlette Blythe doll, and by the time she arrived here, I was so excited to meet her! She's even prettier for reals, with lovely long thick hair. She quickly let me know that she wanted to be called Jasmine, or Jaz for short.

Of course Jaz had to sit for her portrait soon after she arrived. I'm not sure she was too thrilled with the setting though. That snow looked a tad cold!

Welcome to my Jaz!

Now Jaz is settling in nicely, and I'm having fun making her all kinds of cute clothes. I told a little fib the other day. I did make her that hat. I sized down a baby hat pattern, and knitted it out of Noro Aurora yarn on size 2 needles. That was my first time using four double-pointed needles. I like the yarn so much I'm now making myself a hoodie sweater out of it. I'll post a picture sometime in the future when the sweater is done.

Warmth for the noggin

I also knitted Jaz this little hoodie sweater, making up the pattern as I went. That was fun! I love the furry trim, but I learned something pretty important when I put it on. Next time, I'll put the snaps and buttons on first, so that all that fuzz doesn't keep getting caught under the thread as I sew!

Warm and snuggly

I've been sewing some clothes too - a striped denim mini skirt and some very skinny jeans. I made all kinds of clothes for my doll when I was a girl, and I had forgotten how fun it was. Methinks this little doll is going to have quite the wardrobe!


Heather said...

Oh my girls saw Jaz and are very jealous of her new duds!!! So cute..

Tink said...

Cute new digs girl! And that doll? She's just a little creepy. I feel like repeating the line from Little Red Riding Hood. "What big eyes you have!"

Lora said...

what cute knitted stuff!! I did NOT know you knitted!! Oh what fun!

graymama said...

Nice knitting! I just made something with Noro yarn, too :-) I can't wait to see pics of your sweater!

One Crabapple said...


It was great to meet you at AF and I see you have not posted yet either...I dont even have my mind back to coherently post anything .

You are a sweet woman and I loved seeing your creative and talented beadwork.

Hope to see MORE of it here some times...!

Thanks for showing off your Blythe Doll too...she is darling and that seems like so much fun.

love, S.

One Crabapple said...

Loved that Vintage Dresden Plate DRESS Jaz was wearing !!!


Chris Jeffery said...

Her round, beautiful, cute eyes say it all. She's already beautiful, and you made here even prettier in those clothes! She's quite the fashionista, that's for sure!