Monday, February 19, 2007


Swish, shwish, swish...whooosh, whooosh...achoo!!

dusting off

There... had to get all the dust off this blog!


Are you still there? Cuz I have something to show you....Lookit what I made!

Oh - um...not the hat, the shirt in the picture below. V, my friend at work, found
this really cool technique for using sheer curtain material and Mod Podge to do silkscreening. So this weekend we got together and tried it out. It was so much fun! First we went shopping for supplies, and spent way too much time wandering around the fabric store. Then we grabbed some burgers and headed to her house to get creative.

First I made my screen. Since I had a 20-inch hoop, I could do more than one design. Then while the Mod Podge dried, I stamped a t-shirt all over with a foam stamp and Lumiere paints. I don't have a picture of that shirt...mostly because I can't find it right now!

When the screen was dry, I went to work silkscreening my shirt. It was kind of slow work, since I had to do it in sections. I was using Lumiere acrylic paints, and they tend to dry quickly. I couldn't let the screen stay on the shirt too long as I was afraid the paint would dry and stick to the screen. I did find, though, that leaving the screen on for a little bit was best so the paint could flow through the screen and adhere to the shirt. Wanna see what I did?

This is the shirt in progress. The screen is on the left, in that quilting hoop:


And here's the finished shirt. I love how the colors glow on the black fabric:


We stayed up way too late on Saturday night working on our projects, but we were having so much fun just being creative. There's nothing like getting together with a friend to make art that gets the muse working again.

We did even more on Sunday, working away as we jammed to raggae music. Now how cool is that?


Kim said...
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Thien-Kim said...

It totally rocks!!!

Tink said...

Bout damn time! I was beginning to worry. Awesome shirt.

Jay said...

Yeah, it's about damn time you came back ... er .. uh ... I mean welcome back!!! ;-)

Cool shirt.

Ellie said...

I love the shirt, I've never known anyone to do their own silk screening! That's awesome

Lora said...

YOU'RE ALIVE!!!! Yeah so glad you're blogging again!! Super cool shirt!