Sunday, April 15, 2007

Before I Sleep

Just before I head to bed, I've been sitting here finishing the post I started the other day about ArtFest. In the background I have the TV tuned to an OLD episode of "Soul Train." We're talking...oh...mid 70s, maybe early 80s. What a trip back in time! The Afro hair styles...the platform shoes - on the guys as well as the grils...the high-waisted bell bottoms...the wide collars. Everyone is so nicely dressed, with nary a t-shirt or baggy butted pant in sight. No tats or piercings, but I was really surprised to see one girl with a pierced nose! Don Cornelius is wearing a 3-piece suit and tie - and he looks so young.

Let's see...who is singing...Betty White, Wilson Pickett...Archie Bellows and the Drones...all singing upbeat dance tunes. Now they're doing a dance line to a song called "Let's Go Disco!" How cool! There are even a couple of pop-lockers in the line.

OK - Yawn! - Now that I've danced down memory lane, I gotta git off to bed before the sun comes up here!


Holly Stinnett said...

How fun! I loved Soul Train and never missed it when I was a kid. I actually have a friend who was one of the only 'white girls' on that show and used to roller skate around the dance floor... I actually sort of remember a roller skating girl but have never seen her in reruns!

Sheri said...

Hey Sharon.. that's funny.. I also used to watch that show.. was way more entertaining than American Bandstand (unless they had someone on there I liked to listen to of course)..

AMIT said...

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