Friday, September 01, 2006

Becoming a Gym Rat!

Oooh...ow...Yee-ahh! Why oh why do my calves and the backs of my thighs hurt so much?! Oh yeah - I started up at the gym this last week! Yay me!

Well, we got a great corporate rate, and the gym has a location downtown right around the corner from where I'll be working in a couple of weeks, and one a few minutes away from where I live. So I figured why not? I need the exercise, that's for sure. Plus, they threw in a free session with a trainer every month. Can't beat that now can I?

I tell you what - they don't waste any time or take any chances that you won't use that membership! As I was filling out the paperwork with one rep at a special signup session at work, the other rep was on the phone making an appointment for me with the trainer. No prostinating or coming up with excuses - I was at that gym the next week!

And danged if I didn't totally luck out with my trainer...I must have got the cutest guy in the whole place! Tall, blonde, blue eyes, and a great smile - somehow training with K just makes working out seem so easy. I'm only somewhat ashamed to say I actually flirted with him a bit. Ooooh - and it turns out that when you first start out, you get three sessions with the trainer! Niiice - three hours with K!

So - my friend K got me off to a great start, setting me up with a workout and mapping out my goals. I know how much I need to lose . Now I just gotta stay motivated and get my cardio in better shape. I might not become the gym rat that Jay is, but I hope to develop some good habits. Maybe I'll take a Pilates or Yoga class or, wait - how about a Hip Hop class?? Hey! It could happen!


graymama said...

A Hottie is a good motivator :-)

Jay said...

Good job on going to the gym. After a while it gets to be a habit and if you don't go you will miss it.

Lora said...

LMAO OMG I so tried Hip Hop Sassy and let me tell you... my hip don't hop and my hop won't hip!! LOL Good Luck girlie.