Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dancing Fool

season2_dance_picAsk anyone who knows me, and they will tell you how much I despise reality shows. I simply cannot stand watching people make fools of themselves just for the sake of a few hours of public exposure. And don't get me started on the inane dialogs on these shows! Unscripted conversation is usually sooo uninteresting.

So...I thought I would get away with not having to get hooked on any of these shows. Then, they had to go and make the dance competition shows...and I am hopelessly addicted! First there was "Dancing With the Stars" last year, followed by "So You Think You Can Dance"Then another season of "Stars," and now, "So You Think..." is back. I love this show! I love watching how a person who specializes in one style of dance tackles an entirely different style. I love seeing them get better as the weeks advance. Well, watching dancing in general just makes me happy!

If you, like me, think that reality shows are a waste of television airtime, check out "So You Think You Can Dance." I don't have any favorites yet, since they just started competing tonight, but there are several outstanding dancers in the crowd! Wow - would that I could move like that! We'll talk later about who should win...unless you already have your own ideas!


Jay said...

I tried watching that show. But, the first couple of shows the people really got on my nerves bad. I'm sure it's better now that they've weeded out a lot of them though.

mike said...

I can't stand watching reality shows, but I do want to catch "America's Got Talent" though. It looks like such a trainwreck.

Thien-Kim said...

I started watching this show. I love the dancing! I guess it's my theatre background. DH loves it too. He makes me tape it for him. I just hate all the "story" though. It gets boring.